Avatar World 2


The second edition of Avatar World is already here, and it has gone even more vibrant, fascinating, and downright addicting! Meet Avatar World 2, a virtual reality of its own inhabited by fun-looking cartoon characters, filled with colorful locations and amazing discoveries, packed with endless customization, exciting mini-games, and cool people to befriend. Are you in? Of course, you are!

Randomize or Customize

Want a custom-made character, tailored to your quirkiest preferences? Dive right into the character editor, just don’t forget to come up for some air! Too lazy to spend your precious playtime on it? Hit the random button and go with whatever Avatar World 2 mixes up for you!

How To Create Your Avatar

• Choose Gender: Whether it’s a boy or a girl, kick off the character customization from the animated world.
• From Eyes to Lips: Mold your avatar’s emotions with eyebrows, eyes, and mouths of different shapes.
• Endless Cute Personalization: A plethora of cute faces, hairstyles, and expressions with various details let you create one-of-a-kind looks.
• Color, Color Everywhere: Customize skin tone, hair color, and outfit shades to give your avatar a truly unique appearance.
• Accessorize to Mesmerize: Deck out your hero with an array of accessories – masks, hats, glasses, hairpins, clothing, headgear, wings, horns, and tails.

Where to Go And What to Do

Chill At Home: What’s the best and coziest place to be? Of course, sweet, sweet home! Furnish and decorate your virtual place to your liking and enjoy every minute spent there.

Visit Your Friends: Your friends have homes too. Why don’t you drop by for a visit? There are lots of fun things to see and do visiting each other!

Shop At The Mall: The Mall is one of the most bustling locations in the game. Here you can always buy some new great stuff and meet some new great people.

Dine Out: Just like in real life, characters in Avatar World 2 like socializing over a tasty meal. Whether you’re having a cut of hot coffee at a local cafe or trying new sushi at a Japanese restaurant, it’s way more fun than eating alone!
Hang Outdoors: Parks, lakes, forests – so many picturesque and exciting places to set foot in! In Avatar World, they’re to just for beauty’s sake – they’re packed with activities and awesome discoveries!

So, there you go – Avatar World 2 is your ticket to a fascinating virtual world that will surely make you a little bit addicted to it. Choose your avatar, start playing, explore amazing locations, try everything everywhere, meet new friends and invite your old ones to join the fun. Have the time of your virtual life!

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