Avatar World Secrets


Every world has its secrets. And Avatar World is no exception. Although it seems to be simple and clear at first sight, it actually packs an immense number of discoveries for you to make. Here are some of Avatar World secrets to keep you in the loop.

Gaming Tips

1. How To Find Your Way Around the City

First of all, the game has a map that you’re free to check out any moment. All the key locations are marked there, so it’s a matter of one click to visit. What if you have nothing particular in mind? Move sideways at warp speed, and when those buildings start doing the tilt-a-whirl dance, you know you’ve hit the jackpot!

2. How To Interact With Objects

Avatar World is built with interactivity in mind. So almost everything you see around can be interacted with somehow. Drag, drop and watch the magic unfold! Move those items around, give them new homes, or play the ultimate game of object Tetris. All the options are on the screen – just take your pick!

3. How To Interact With Characters

Every location is choke-full of characters that come and go, just like you. Can you make a few acquaintances? You bet! Tap the people, and voila – you’re in control of their facial expressions. Long press, drag, and suddenly, you’re the puppet master of this digital circus. Animals? Same deal – they’re yours to command!

4. Use Your Contact List

We get rather attached to our new friends, even if they’re just virtual. Feeling like partying? Wanting to invite a particular character to a cup of coffee? Just head to the Contact List, choose the avatars you want to share the fun with, and press the phone button!

5. Get Yourself a Pet

Your virtual house will become much cozier and merrier if you become a lucky dog or cat parent, or whatever else is in store. Just note that you’ll also have to take care of this little creature – feel it, cuddle it, play with it – and don’t forget to scoop up its poop, that’s part of the package.

Avatar World Is Waiting!

Hopefully, this information will help you get the hang of all the Avatar World navigation easier and faster. And that’s just the beginning of the list! There are many more amazing surprises waiting for you in this fun and addicting game. Start hunting for them without further ado, unveil secrets of your own, and feel the thrill of discovery as you learn more and more about Avatar World online. Good luck cracking them all!

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