Avatar World New Update


Hold on to your avatars, cause Avatar World new update has just dropped to shower you with even more exciting features and possibilities! You’re in for some solid wardrobe extension, new items to shop for, new places to stop by, and a whole bunch of minor tweaks that might not be that noticeable, but still add a nice touch to your overall gaming experience. Are you ready to check it out?

Freedom of Action

• Create characters – any characters, as many characters as you want!
• Customize them to your heart’s content mixing and matching a huge virtual wardrobe.
• Explore a massive world, visit a plethora of locations, uncover their secrets.
• Interact with everything you see and anyone you meet.

Games Within the Game

Food Delivery: Forget about your run-of-the-mill on-foot delivery – who needs to drive miles when you have a drone? Tend to customers’ orders, put them together, navigate your trusty drone, and make sure everyone gets their much-needed stuff.

Ice-Cream Workshop: Dive into a world of flavors, toppings, and sprinkle magic as you create the craziest ice cream concoctions. Mix and match ingredients, hit that button, and watch as your avatar serves up scoop-tastic delights.

Arcade Mall: Your one-stop-shop for pixelated playtime. From mechanical pets to a 3D printer, a photo booth, gaming items, and even hoverboards – it’s a virtual arcade extravaganza. Dive into the games, rack up those points, and emerge victorious.

Nurse Time: Ready to play doctor? Head to the clinic, attend to patients, check their vitals, and play a crucial role in the world of pixelated medicine. All the drugs can be obtained in the pharmacy – just don’t mix the recipes!

Tree Hunt: This one is a true obstacle course that will have you activate your every reflex. But it’s not just about finding your way among the trees – you also have to collect all the fruits wherever they fall for earn the sweet, sweet prize. Get your map ready and prepare to treasure-hunt!

Better, brighter, funner!

Avatar World new update is something you can’t pass by if you’re a real fan of this game. Give it a shot right now, see what kind of new things have been added and which of the old things have been improved. Live your virtual life to the max and don’t miss a single opportunity it rolls your way!

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